PC Cast with Meredith Bernstein

The Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency will provide access to highly skilled professionals in the following areas:

  • Ghostwriters
  • Proposal writing
  • Editorial services
  • Marketing strategies
  • Media consulting
  • Publicity
  • E-book formatting and sales
“Meredith Bernstein has been my agent for more than a decade. She took me on shortly after I'd had one small press book published. It was getting some genre acclaim, which peaked her interest in my writing. Very quickly we discovered that the book, and the trilogy associated with it, was dead because I couldn't get my rights to it. I thought she'd dump me. Instead Meredith asked what else I had...within a week she'd negotiated my first three-book contract with Berkley Publishing. It wasn't until my eighteenth book that I hit the NY Times list. Meredith walked with me for every step of those eighteen books–believed in me–fought for me–encouraged me. Now that I consistently top the lists, she makes sure I receive the contract respect I have earned. Oh, and there is one more little thing: HOUSE OF NIGHT, the series that made my career, grew from one of Meredith's ideas. She's smart, honest, tough, and she knows the business. I trust her gut like I trust the sun to rise tomorrow.”
PC Cast