Meredith with author/ illustrator Kim Doner

"She's The Best! Meredith and I have been together as agent and author since the beginning of both of our publishing careers. She got my first book sale. She has sold all my books thereafter. She found a soul mate editor for me, and the three of us have been a team for many happy years and books. She's incredibly honest, she has integrity, she's fun, she's very smart, she loves to help writers grow and succeed, she has a true feel for matching the right book with the right editor, and she's a joy to know as a business partner and a friend. I love her, my first and only agent.”
Nancy Pickard, best-selling author of
The Scent of Rain and Lightning,
winner of the Agatha, Anthony, Macavity,
Shamus, and Barry Awards, and
four-time Edgar Award finalist

PC Cast, Meredith Bernstein and Kristin Cast

“Meredith Bernstein has been my agent for more than a decade. She took me on shortly after I'd had one small press book published. It was getting some genre acclaim, which peaked her interest in my writing. Very quickly we discovered that the book, and the trilogy associated with it, was dead because I couldn't get my rights to it. I thought she'd dump me. Instead Meredith asked what else I had...within a week she'd negotiated my first three-book contract with Berkley Publishing. It wasn't until my eighteenth book that I hit the NY Times list. Meredith walked with me for every step of those eighteen books–believed in me–fought for me–encouraged me. Now that I consistently top the lists, she makes sure I receive the contract respect I have earned. Oh, and there is one more little thing: HOUSE OF NIGHT, the series that made my career, grew from one of Meredith's ideas. She's smart, honest, tough, and she knows the business. I trust her gut like I trust the sun to rise tomorrow.”
PC Cast

Meredith with 2009 finalist for National Book Awards, writer, naturalist and artist, David Carroll

"I adored working with Meredith! During our many years as agent and author, we became fast friends as well, and I was thrilled to have Meredith as a guest at my own wedding. Her connections in the industry, her eagle-eye for contract terms, and her fast turnaround had me in great hands as she guided my career and produced a number of my favorite projects. I highly recommend this ebullient and whip-smart agent for your writing endeavors."
Sharon Naylor, Mother of the Groom

“Meredith Bernstein is savvy and tough when she needs to be–a great advocate for her clients, but her heart is what makes her a real standout. I always feel that I have a friend in the trenches of an ever-changing industry.”
Jordan Dane, national best-selling & critically acclaimed author of the “Sweet Justice” thriller series


Meredith with Sharon Sala and Leslie Wainger where Sharon received the Lifetime Achievement Award from RWA in 2011.

“Meredith Bernstein and I have been working together for over 20 years and through that time, I have recommended her many times over. She has her finger on the pulse of the market - knows what's hot and what's not. Even more important, she is honest and forth-right, which, in this business, is not something to take lightly. In any genre, in any market, I would want this agent on my team.”
Sharon Sala, New York Times best-selling author
“This book is dedicated to my extraordinary, energetic and supremely supportive literary agent, Meredith Bernstein, in honor of our work together: ten books, twenty-six languages, countless publicity events and–most enjoyable–those cherished times we cross the continent to enjoy dinner together. Meredith, thank you for everything. You're the best agent an author could hope for.”
Dedication from The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution, Elizabeth Pantley - best-selling parenting author of "No-Cry Solution" books

Jana Oliver- bestselling YA author of Demon Trapper’s Daughter series