Category: Testimonial

Susie Spikol

“Working with Meredith on my first book, she helped guide me through the process, gave me constructive feedback, and pushed me to make my work better each time, until she felt it was ready to send out. I never doubted that she believed in the value of my writing and would work hard to find… Read more »

James Horner

“From concept to completion Meredith has been incredibly helpful and supportive! Her experience and expertise as an agent is unmatched. Highly recommend her!”

Diane Lechleitner

“Meredith Bernstein took a chance on my “quiet” novel and worked with me to get it published. I will always appreciate that she was able to see something worthwhile in something a bit different.”

Dedication from The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution

“This book is dedicated to my extraordinary, energetic and supremely supportive literary agent, Meredith Bernstein, in honor of our work together: ten books, twenty-six languages, countless publicity events and–most enjoyable–those cherished times we cross the continent to enjoy dinner together. Meredith, thank you for everything. You’re the best agent an author could hope for.”

Sharon Sala

“Meredith Bernstein and I have been working together for over 20 years and through that time, I have recommended her many times over. She has her finger on the pulse of the market – knows what’s hot and what’s not. Even more important, she is honest and forth-right, which, in this business, is not something… Read more »

Jordan Dane

“Meredith Bernstein is savvy and tough when she needs to be–a great advocate for her clients, but her heart is what makes her a real standout. I always feel that I have a friend in the trenches of an ever-changing industry.”

Yasmine Galenorn

“I’ve been a client of Ms. Bernstein’s since 2002, and I can’t imagine a more supportive or pro-active agent. She’s helped guide my career, been a combination cheerleader, advisor, and mentor, and she’s given me the courage to write what I love to write. Meredith has fought for me, and I value her savvy take… Read more »

Sharon Naylor Toris

“Whatever strengths you think you have, whatever gems in your writing, Meredith Bernstein inspires even more. She’s fierce for her clients, protective, comforting, and quick to bring out the best in all you want. I adore her. I trust her. Editors love her. She’s a find.”

PC Cast

“Meredith Bernstein has been my agent for more than a decade. She took me on shortly after I’d had one small press book published. It was getting some genre acclaim, which peaked her interest in my writing. Very quickly we discovered that the book, and the trilogy associated with it, was dead because I couldn’t… Read more »

Nancy Pickard

“She’s The Best! Meredith and I have been together as agent and author since the beginning of both of our publishing careers. She got my first book sale. She has sold all my books thereafter. She found a soul mate editor for me, and the three of us have been a team for many happy… Read more »